FHSU Psychology Club Hosts Guest Speaker — Tyler Seabaugh


Last Tuesday September 11th, FHSU’s Psychology Club hosted guest speaker, Tyler Seabaugh. Seabaugh is an admissions counselor at Kansas City University of Medicine. He spoke about KCU’s clinical psychology program from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

During the presentation, Seabaugh talked about the educational outlook of the clinical psychology program by differentiating between the curriculum of a research based Ph.D versus a clinical practice based Psy.D.

“[I would encourage] someone to do a Psy.D if they were more of a clinical focus,” Seabaugh said. “We want to see students that that’s what they want to do”.

After the presentation, Seabaugh gave out some KCU brochures and stationery to students who attended. Seabaugh was also able to answer some additional questions about the clinical psychology program.

He said that statistics was the least favorite course for students. On the other hand, he mentioned that a favorite for clinical psychology students is “getting into assessment and [doing interviews and interpreting data].”

Seabaugh also answered other questions about the field of clinical psychology itself and how rewarding the field is to students as well as their future patients.

“[The patients] are seeking out help, either things that they’re struggling with, issues that they’ve gone through in the past,” Seabaugh said.  “[The most rewarding thing about clinical psychology is] the outreach to the patient population that you get a chance to help out with and being able to make a change in somebody’s life and having a positive impact [on their life].”

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