Kobach Narrowly Wins GOP Nomination in Unofficial Results


As the race for the Democratic Primary proved to be an absolute landslide for Senator Laura Kelly, the Republican race was a bitter deadlock between Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer and Secretary of State Kris Kobach. As of this morning, Wednesday, August 8, Kobach leads Colyer in total votes by 191.

It was no question that the two men were going to be neck and neck yesterday, but what put Kobach ahead in the end in the unofficial results? Many are saying the last minute endorsement by United States President Donald Trump appealed to same voters who gave him the state in 2016.

Some had speculated that Colyer’s heritage of Western Kansas would be enough to win him counties on both sides of the state. However, according to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Unofficial Results, the counties Colyer won were primarily in the northern and central parts of the state. Kobach, on the other hand, had won counties in the southwestern, southeastern, and northeastern parts of the state, including Sedgewick, Ford, and Kingman counties.

In Ellis County, little doubt emerged prior to Colyer’s victory. 1,734 votes were cast for Colyer against Kobach’s 857. Total votes from the county totaled to 2,937 with 15 undervotes, or non-counted vote due to an unclear marking, and two overvotes, or when more than one selection is made.

Results are still unofficial at this time, but election officials are hopeful to have the results finalized as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to Tiger Media Network for a full break down of the unofficial results from Ellis County as well as the state of Kansas.

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