Know Your Candidates: Patrick Kucera


Republican and Democratic voters in Kansas will have the chance to choose who represents their respective parties in less than one month. Seven Republicans are currently battling for the party nomination, but only two are without political office experience. One of them is Patrick Kucera.

Kucera is an “Entrepreneurial Evangelist”, a world-traveling pastor, and a major supporter for the revival of aviation in the state of Kansas.

“Well, I think…why I’m running for governor is because I’ve seen the brand of Kansas change,” he said over the phone. “The brand of Kansas began to change four, five years ago and I would be in airplanes or airports, speaking engagements…it just was amazing to me how what was going on in Kansas – the negative news, the poor ratings, the Brownback experiment, the tax deficit, the school issues – I just couldn’t believe how popular Kansas got, but it was a brand that was no longer fun to talk about.”

Wichita has been known loosely as the air capital of the world due to the widespread construction of airplanes. However, many producers of that product have either departed or have reduced the number of employees. Kucera’s website calls him an “innovator of aviation” and he believes he can revitalize the former manufacturing operations by bringing a “revolutionary propulsion system” to the market.

“Imagine this,” said Kucera “it really moves air in silence. So, most people cannot imagine a plane flying in silence where it’s almost gliding like a glider. And they’re used to the rumbling vibration of a turbine as a jet takes off. Imagine, a plane is not only flying in silence but also being vibrationless. And then finally, they don’t burn kerosene, they run on biofuels and regular unleaded gas. So for those that are concerned about the environment, the ozone, and air pollution, it’s a solution for that as well.”

Kucera is also a supporter for term limits, the pro-life movement, and 2nd Amendment rights.

If you are a registered voter in the Republican Party and are a resident of Kansas, you can vote for Kucera at the August 7 primary. For more information on voting in your area, contact your local Kansas Department of the Treasurer Office.

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