American Democracy Projects Advocates for Voter Registration


On Tuesday, April 17, the American Democracy Project tabled in the Memorial Union. There, students and other members of the Fort Hays State University community could register to vote.

The purpose of this was to encourage voters to take charge within their local communities as civically engaged citizens.

“I think that we just want to give people the option to vote,” said Kaytee Wisley, Co-Director of the American Democracy Project. “So by allowing them to do this really easily that way when it comes to time for August – the primaries or, in November, the elections, they do have that option if they feel that they want to vote. Obviously, we want everyone to vote…that’s not necessarily going to happen…this way they can do that if they decide if they want to.”

Information is also key to proper elections. The simple belief that an informed voter makes the best decisions. When a voter does not have the right information, the best decision for them may not be reached. This, according to Co-Director John Coclazier, is the biggest detriment to the voting process.

“You know whenever I talk to people and I ask them ‘are you going to vote’…I’m not really in the habit or asking who you are going to vote for. A lot of times what I hear is ‘I’m not going to vote because I don’t know, I’m not informed.’ And I just kinda mention ways for them to be informed. It’s just something people have to take that first step on. And what I’ve noticed is that people don’t feel like they’re informed so they don’t vote.”

As the U.S. and State Congressional Midterm Elections, as well as the Kansas Governor Race, are on the horizon, those wishing to vote should contact their local DMV or Department of the Treasury Office for more information on their voting status.

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