Huge Gains for the #GoTMusic Campaign


First of all, I want to say thank you for supporting KFHS Radio. I am pleased to announce that we have reached over 50 songs for our #GotMusic Campaign. We have had bands and artist from across hays to Canada to Finland send us music. We are still searching for 50 more songs to put on our station by Nov. 30th.

Here is the list of all the bands and artist that have submitted music:

Adult Contemporary
Andy Michaels – “Where Are You Now”

Christmas Tracks
Andy Michaels Ft. Sharon Court – “It’s Christmas Time”
Chantal Hartmann – “Christmas Everyday”
Rob Tomaro – “Don’t Open till Christmas”


Amber Rahman – “Take on the Fray”
Amber Rahman – “Get Me” Ft. Paul Lewis
Roger D’Arcy – “House of Heads”

Jayson Miro Ft. Obediah & Ajay Raw – “So Deep In Love”
Deep Parliament – “Every Side”
Deep Parliament Ft. Chris Burke – “Don’t Want Your Love”
Deep Parliament Ft. Naomi Azran – “Broken”
Deep Parliament Ft. Stevie – “Hide With Me”
Fly Project – “Get Wet”
Fly Project – “So High”
G.H. Hat Ft. Mickey Shiloh – “I Got a problem(I Wonder)”
Jacob Borg – “Love Me Naked”
Kadebostany – “Mind If I stay” (Izzat Remix)
Moe Aly Ft. Oscar Corney – “Where’s the love”
Very Well Project – “Float Like a Butterfly” Ft. C.L

Jared Grant – “Break Out”

Davey Star Ft. Laquan Green – “Know You”
Grim Repa Ft. CeMike – “Save Me”
Subfreqs – “The Devil”

Headline Maniac – “Millionaire”
The SkudFux – “Alcoholic Loser”
The SkudFux – “Jimmy”

Gigi Rae – “She’ll Be Fine”
Gigi Rae – “No distance No Divide”
Leah Capelle – “Out Now”
Leah Capelle – “Docs”
Leah Capelle – “Who I am”
Leah Capelle Ft. Hayley Brownell – “Better Off”
Sam Shaky – “Don’t Let Go”
Sam Shaky – “Tomorrow”
Savanna – “Happy Never After”
The Klikit Company – “So Amazing”
Vullnet Neziri – “Victorious”
Vullnet Neziri – “Let’s Get Married”
Stage Republic – “I got your back”

Benny Brydern – “Swing Machine” Album

Please continue to send in music to and be sure to follow me on Instagram @Djkraekrae to watch interviews with various bands/artist from the #GotMusic Campaign!


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