Stepping Stones to Professional Careers



As Fort Hays State University seniors and juniors prepare for their individual careers, two events were presented to these upperclassmen, as well as underclassmen, with the opportunity to try out their interview and resume skills with local, regional, and national employers.

The first of the two events occurred on Tuesday, September 12, in the Ballroom of the Memorial Union. Known as the Mock Interviews, 12 employers were in attendance for scheduled times students could sign up for.  

“It was a great experience and I learned some valuable information about the interviewing process,” said FHSU Freshman Jaryth Barten. “My interviewer took the time to recap my interview with me and even helped me practice answering different types of questions. Interviewing is generally the first step when starting a career and it’s fantastic that FHSU provides this experience for its students to gain positive learning experience.”

The second event of the week was the Career-Internship Day, also known as the Career or Job Fair. In contrast to the Mock Interview, 71 employers were represented and presented in a more booth-style orientation, in which representatives explained various career and internship opportunities to prospective students. 

Gilmore Solutions, represented by Chelsea Greenough of the company’s Business Development & Human Resources Office, was one such business at the event.

“[Gilmore Solutions is] growing at a fast pace and are looking for good individuals to join our team,” stated Greenough, “Attending Career Fairs allow us to interact and find possible candidates and network with other businesses. FHSU has specifically been a Career Fair hot spot for us as four of our fourteen employees have come from there.”

FHSU students are highly encouraged, and even required by certain classes, to attend these two events, which are sponsored by Career Services, a department dedicated to helping students stay in touch with the current job market as well as developing and improving interview and resume building skills.

If you’re a student and missed both events, seeking career or internship opportunities, or desire help in being a top applicant in the future, contact the Career Services Office at 785-628-4260 or email


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