Providing Helping Hands During Hurricane Harvey


Only 39 miles from Houston, a local hospital in Richmond, Texas, is taking in the animals who belong to the hospital’s patients and employees. Yolanda DeLeon, a registered obstetrics nurse, has been working overtime at the Methodist Hospital ever since the floods began.
Not only does she go home to check on her own pets every free moment she has, but she also checks on the pets of the patients and employees that are being kept in the hospital and out of the water.

“Pets are our family also,” DeLeon says, “and right now they are so scared that they are shaking.” She also mentioned that the Katy Mills Mall has set up an animal shelter, where owners can take their pets to be safe. The animal shelter is also available for owners who lost their pets and are trying to locate them. It is important for pet owners to stay connected with different organizations, such as the Humane Society of the United States (the HSUS), who are working their hardest to locate and save pets who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

In an article posted by the HSUS, a few tips are given not only on what you can do to help animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey, but also what not to do when it comes to helping the pets that you may see on the street.

According to the HSUS, an animal rescue team is currently deployed in Texas, where workers are coordinating with local officials to transport, rescue, and care for animals who were abandoned or lost during the flood.

The HSUS also asks that you spread the word on social media that they are in need of donations, and to also retweet and share hurricane updates from the HSUS twitter account @HumaneSociety and The HSUS facebook page titled The Humane Society of the United States.

The HSUS also gives tips on what not to do during the floods, in order to keep you safe in case you see an animal in need. Always put your safety first, if you see a person or an animal in distress, immediately call 911. If you are wanting to donate money or supplies, do not try and drive donation items into Texas, as many roads are closed due to the flooding. Last, do not try and self deploy yourself to the areas impacted by the hurricane unless you have been professionally trained.

In times like these, we must remember to help the animals impacted by the natural disasters while also doing everything we can to help each other.

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