Special Report: Student Government Association

Submited By: Reed Tevault, Student Body Vice President

These first few weeks of the year have already been busy for the SGA Executive staff and every member is constantly working on a project to help make the Fort Hays State University experience a better one for the student body.

Treasurer Taylor, Chief of Staff Campbell, President Roberts, and Vice President Tevault have put together a Funding Guide. This is an extensive overview of how to go about filling out the forms and choosing the correct channel to gain funding for an organization or an individual. The Funding Guide features ten pages including how to request Allocations funding, request Appropriations funding, seek Education Opportunity Funding (EOF), and even how to manage IFAS, which is the software that each organization is assigned to manage their funds. The purpose was also to clear up much of the “gray area” as far as what is acceptable to be funded through state appropriated funds versus what is not allowed. Formatting the requests properly can also help the committees to identify precisely what the student organizations want funding for and the Funding Workbook has examples and will hopefully lead to a clearer, more efficient process.

In addition to the Funding Workbook, Public Relations Director Husmann and Administrative Assistant Wary have been working on the “Rules of Rent” campaign, which focuses on student housing off campus. “Rules of Rent” features a guideline for students – particularly in the university district of housing – to make sure that their living arrangements are properly maintained and acceptable by the landlords who rent these students property. The goal of this campaign is to ensure that housing codes are up to par for first renters who may or may not know their rights in renting property.

The executive staff has partnered with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and has been focusing on putting together on Honor Code for the students of FHSU. Eliminating cheating and making sure that each student properly adheres to the policies of the university in the classroom can help the university’s reputation in graduating honorable students worthy of professional employment once they leave the institution.

President Roberts and Legislative Affairs Director Whitmore will also be heading to Topeka this week to meet with the members of the Students’ Advisory Committee of the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State, Wichita State, Washburn, and Emporia to speak with the Kansas Board of Regents about the upcoming goals for the Kansas schools in order to create a better college experience in the state of Kansas. President Roberts is the Students’ Advisory Committee Chair and will be leading the discussion in accomplishing these goals.

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