What is Starfish – Academic Probation at FHSU


The Starfish Program is an early alert program for faculty to use in order to determine how different types of students perform. According to Dennis King, Assistant President of Enrollment Management here at FHSU, “Last semester we’ve had 200 students flagged but this year, we’ve already had 1500 students flagged. Most of them are usually freshman or seniors that get flagged. There will be a best practices use guide for faculty to follow, that will be sent out soon.”

This will help students get more resources that they may need and will help faculty know how to address problems that students may have in their degree track. Such problems include: mental strain, avoiding being burnt out, course-load warnings, and help for students who have financial troubles.

New data is currently being gathered for a new resource available to faculty and students called Predictive Analytics Reporting. PAR will help predict course combinations that will and will not work for similar students of similar backgrounds. Data is currently being gathered in order to provide students with more assets.

Reporting for TMN News, I’m Shannon Mahon

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