Voter Turnout Determines FHSU Wants a Monarchy, Not a Democracy – Opinion

HAYS, KS – After an extremely brief reflection on recent events, many eyes of campus have turned to the elections that hold the most weight in their lives for direction; Homecoming King and Queen. Over the past few years, there has been a battle on the Fort Hays State campus that seems to take into consideration nearly most of the thoughts present within the student body. With the ever-decreasing voting totals for the Student Body President and Vice President, one thing has become obvious; this school is dying for a monarchy.

During the last year’s of voting, the Student Presidential race totals have fallen a whole 15 percent whereas the Homecoming Elections  have risen and exponential 20 percent. Although this country fought for the ability to vote in a democratic way to ensure that all men (well, technically only most men at first) could vote, it seems that we are needing to take a few steps back first to begin to prosper again.

The general opinion and stance in politics of the millennial generation when asked echoes a simple, “I have a very strong feeling about this but, like, I also don’t really want to worry about that right now.” By transitioning back to a monarchy, it will take away this annoying need to go out and voice those opinions in public and fear getting rejected by our peers. It’s a dream come true for all of us! Instead, we can just allow the decisions of the monarchical rule to determine our well-being and complain to the small few around us that are still paying attention to the actions of their rulers.

All things considered, the British rule has seemed to work out extremely well for Queen Elizabeth II and their parliament. Minus the loss of the few obscure colonies here and there, but I’m sure in time those will come back around as well.

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