The Marketing and Management Association Seeks New Members

Excellence is always something to strive for. The Fort Hays State University Marketing and Management Association is an organization that is open to all students that firmly believe this. This student driven group promotes business endeavors and illustrates innovation. This is done by competing in business events, participating in state and national conferences, attending workshops from successful business leaders, and bonding with the community.

The association is partnered with two nationally renowned organizations: Phi Beta Lambda and the Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Club of America. Both organizations provide unique opportunities for students at the post-secondary level of their education. They both hold state conferences that compete with the local colleges as well as the national ones that compete with an array of colleges across the United States.

There are a spectrum of events to compete in, from sales presentations to sports management. These events enhance student confidence as well as give a better sense of establishing occupational goals that could shape them into more well-rounded individuals with a better sense of place. The opportunity for building professional contacts, acquiring internships, and gaining scholarships are possibilities as well.

This sense of belonging radiates from within the community. The organization does not just promote business related endeavors, but social ones as well.

The organization meets at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays in the Trails Room of the Memorial Union. Membership is $15 due Friday, October 4th.

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