Olympics, Trump and Number One American Success Rule – Opinion

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The Olympics are big news these days. We are excited to see how many medals Michael Phelps and all the athletes bring home. From, Soccer to swimming to basketball and so much more this is such a great world event. Hopefully, for a couple of weeks Americans can rally behind our athletes and experience unity and national pride.

The teams who do well in Rio de Janeiro will be the teams who are in unity. Unity means working together, helping each other, speaking well of each other and to each other. This means a good spirit, a good attitude and relaying manners and congeniality. This is the kind of stuff that helps teams win. Division and animosity divide and defeat.

The later is what we see so much in America. Democrats have had their share with emails, controversies and the many who have supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party is taking the cake this year in division. If Trump loses the election, which polls are indicative, it will be because of the Republicans who just simply will not find a way to embrace and help other. Even the Bible teaches us that a divided house cannot stand.

Division has always existed as a part of life. This is certainly one reason we have two major political parties and other parties such as The Libertarians and others. We are divided and have different ideas. Counties divide over issues, as do states. We divide on healthcare, guns, military, welfare and much more. We divide on religion. There is too much resentment, finger pointing, and hate in religious groups today. However, the churches and groups who have embraced love and unity are doing very well.

Division ends multiple marriages today. People find it easier than ever to walk away from marriage. Many people will go through two or three marriages and more before life is over. While often there is no other way than divorce generally it doesn’t spell prosperity. Many never financially recoup one divorce and then to add other divorces seldom spells lasting financial security. However, of course, it’s better to divorce than to destruct.

Why can’t we all just work it out and get along? We cringe when we see sports teams hassling among themselves unable to play together and win. We cringe when we see Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and these big boys act like babies. Please get over it and grow up. Pull together, play as a team and at least make your party proud.

There is one key rule to any success in America – unity. Enough people have to pull together to make victory happen. When enough people get on the same team, pulling in the same direction success and victory will happen.

Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of any organization, institution or this paper or media source.

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