Wave Spotlight: Lucas Maddy & The Kansas Cartel


Welcome to the first ever Wave Spotlight!  Maybe we should just call this “The Wave: Spotlight Series”, rolls off the tongue a little better. This series is built to spotlight artists that have either been on TMN’s music spotlight show “The Wave” or will be. In these articles, we will provide a short background for the music videos we have made, as well as some artist insight. So, without further delay, our first artist spotlight is Lucas Maddy and the Kansas Cartel.

Lucas Maddy and the Kansas Cartel is one of the most recent, up and coming country acts here in the great state of Kansas. Their style can only be described by their history in music. Lucas Maddy started his musical career at the ripe age of 21, while working a tractor on a western Kansas farm.  Even though some think 21 years old is a bit of a late start to learn guitar, Lucas Maddy has sprinted all the way to the top of the Kansas scene. Being called “One to Watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association, and his songs “4440” and “ Bro Country” have received radio play, especially here in Hays.

When the band first entered our studio, the whole team knew that this was going to be a great performance. Just from hearing them practice, it was obvious we were surrounded by a team of not only experienced musicians (even Lucas himself seemed very professional) but guys who knew how to have a good time. Deciding on an acoustic version of their hit song “4440”, Lucas Maddy and the Kansas Cartel did not disappoint. They played so well, the janitors that were cleaning the hallway, stopped what they were doing and sneaked into our studio to watch them perform their masterful craft.

The history of Lucas Maddy and Kansas Cartel may seem short, but these guys will undoubtedly be around for a very long time. Playing in Hays for the annual Wild West Festival this weekend (July 1st thru the 3rd), and numerous other places throughout the summer, there will be ample opportunities for anyone to see Lucas Maddy and the Kansas Cartel.

That is it for this week’s spotlight, for more information on Lucas Maddy and The Kansas Cartel, visit their Facebook page linked below. For more information on The Wave or our Wave Spotlight Series, find us on our Facebook page and of course, here on TMN.


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