Wichita Artist Visits FHSU

Today, the FHSU Department of Art and Design will host a presentation by Wichita guest artist Randy Regier in Rarick Hall 114 at 6 p.m.

The artist has an exhibit in Union Pacific Park, 10th and Main, and will be at the exhibit following the presentation. The exhibit “NuPenny” will be on exhibit through the first two weeks of September.

“‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Outer Limits’ are exactly the kind of things I had in mind, It’s that idea of something that just doesn’t make any sense dropping into a small town out of nowhere, and the people who live there just have to try and make sense of it,” Regier said in a press release.

“In its first installations, in Maine and Florida and elsewhere, the installation was in storefronts. This is the first time installation featuring the toy store as a stand,” the release said.

“NuPenny is an itinerant toy store. On the surface, and viewed as a retail establishment or typical sales model, NuPenny seems fundamentally flawed in connecting with those who desire to take its products home. True enough. But on another level the store’s reason for being is as a realm of carefully manufactured objects of desire that have not (or perhaps cannot) find either their place or time in the world,” Regier said, on the installation’s website.

More information about the artist and his work can be found at www.randyregier.com. Information about the exhibit can be found at www.nupennytoystore.com.

This event is open to the public.

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