Spring Art Walk Addresses Domestic Violence

Friday, April 29 from 6:30 to 9:30 the Leadership 310 team will be hosting the Spring Art Walk. Located on the corner of 11th and Main Street, the team will be joining up with Jana’s Campaign and will host an exhibit  including various types of artwork from local students and community artists. Some of the art at the event will include  paintings, drawings, poetry readings, and forensic performances that reflect on the topic of dating and relationship violence as well as a donated art from Namibia, Africa. The event will showcase several interactive booths to share information on dating and relationship violence.

The purpose of the art walk centered around education, prevention, and awareness of domestic and relationship violence. Surrounding schools were invited to create artwork on the topic, which is the focal point of the exhibit. Once the schools volunteered, Christie Brungardt, one of the founders of Jana’s campaign, visited the schools for a private presentation about the topic of relationship violence and Jana’s Campaign.

The artwork from Namibia Africa Exhibit is titled “In The Name of Love” and will be exhibited alongside the student work. “In The Name of Love” has already been shown internationally at other art shows.

In addition to the art being shown, there are other activities to get community members involved. The FHSU Criminal Justice Club will be hosting bracelet-making for Jana’s Campaign. The bracelets get passed out during presentations about Jana’s Campaign in schools around the state.

The artwork can be described by this quote from Jana’s Campaign, “This is not just art – this is love, this is hate, this is violence, this is equality, this is storytelling, this is reality, this is hope. Through it, numerous artists have created visual empathy that can be viewed and felt by all who encounter it.”

Community members who visit the exhibit will also be able to sign a petition to get the locations of secret domestic violence shelters off of Google maps.

Christie and Curt Brungardt, founders of Jana’s Campaign, will be at the event greeting people. Additionally, Miss Golden Belt, and Miss Kansas contestant Sarah Gustin will be performing meet and greet at our refreshments table.


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