FHSU Intramurals Offering Students Many Opportunities to Get Involved

One of the best things about Fort Hays State University is the wide array of activities that are available for students to get involved in. Whether a student’s interests lie in music and theater, or basketball and swimming, there is something for everyone.

The Intramural Department at FHSU is one that does an excellent job of providing students with various activities to participate in and meet other people around campus. Some of the events coming up during this semester include An indoor 4-on-4 soccer league, bowling, racquetball, basketball games, darts tournaments, fishing derbies, sand volleyball, softball, ESPN brackets, Lego building, and even an Easter egg hunt! Along with those activities, the department sponsors Free Tiger Snack Time from 10-2 on Fridays. During this time, students are able to come enjoy popcorn and spend time with their friends. There are also opportunities available for members of the Hays community such as swimming lessons and coloring contests.

Ron Haag, the Director of Campus Recreation and Intramural Programs, believes that there are many benefits for students who choose to participate in intramural sponsored events. “I think it really helps with retention, it gives students an opportunity to meet new people and spend time with their friends.” Haag also added that the Intramural Department encourages students to be active, and it acts as a great stress reliever. “It is a clean, healthy way to have fun that allows students to form an active lifestyle.

There are over 200 events put on by the Intramural Department at FHSU, and students have the ability to participate in as many as they choose in a low-stress, safe environment. The department is constantly changing and adding new activities for students. “Our schedule is always under construction. We are constantly trying new things.” Haag is open to hearing new suggestions, and if there are enough students interested the department will work towards getting a plan in motion.

For more information regarding intramural activities, you can stop by the intramural office located in Cunningham Hall or go to http://fhsu.edu/intramurals

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