TMN New Artist: Jack Shriner

4 Panel WalletSeattle-based singer-songwriter Jack Shriner has announced his upcoming full length The Fluid Ounce, due out February 19th, 2016.
Since he was a teenager, Jack Shriner has been a bedroom songwriter and home recording artist. Now, with three self-produced releases under his belt, Shriner has toured throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered Open Mic and Ball of Wax’s Audio Quarterly. The Fluid Ounce marks the fourth solo full-length from the Seattle artist.
Throughout The Fluid Ounce, Shriner explores themes of love, luck, and privilege within our time of social media, self-help, and mass surveillance. With an array of inspirations, the album jumps from folk rock to dream pop to prog and is sure to draw listeners in. His recently released “Slow Shadow” utilizes a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation with tight harmonies to create a dreamy, shoe-gaze sound and offers a small taste of what can be expected throughout The Fluid Ounce.
With each release, Jack Shriner continues to develop his recording skills, find his voice and hone his sound. Make sure to look out for The Fluid Ounce in February 2016.

Jack Shriner is now playing on TMN Radio.


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