Forsyth Library passes out pizza for Finals

pizzadownloadBy Braden Wiesen

On a cold December day, Fort Hays State University’s Forsyth Library is filling up fast with college students. Free pizza was given away at 6:00 p.m. on December 6th for college students studying for finals and getting their last homework assignments done. Two pieces of pizza were allowed per student along with bottled water, and orange or apple, and fruit snacks. It is a way the college gives back in the Christmas season. Fort Hays has been doing this for years and it encourages students to get in the library and study and gives an incentive for it.

“It really made me want to stay in the library” says junior Chance Bloomer.

Students have been working hard all semester and get that extra push to raise their grades. Most finals are worth 10% of the grades in class, they can really affect the grade. Some look at it as the most stressful time of the year because of how much studying piles up at once. Forsyth Library can accommodate almost any academic need of college students. Equipped with multiple smart study rooms, computer labs, the writing lab, databases, map and U.S. document collections, and even a 3D printer there is not much you can’t do here.



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