SGA Update 12/3

This meeting of the Student Government Association was called to order on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Black and Gold Room, Memorial Union on the campus of Fort Hays State University.


Old Business: Bills 15/F/108 -15/F/112 were all up for second reading at Thursday’s meeting. These bills were presented by the appropriations committee in regards to requests for appropriation funds to be granted for Students for Life, Student Muhammad Karim for his thesis presentation at the SEG conference,  Social Work Club, and TECA. Bills 15/F/108-15/F/112 were all passed by the senate.

New Business: Resolutions for bills 15/F/101 and 15/F/102 along with bill 15/F/113 presented by the Office of the President were up for first reading last night.



President Ulises Gonzalez announced that SGA has been awarded the traveling trophy by Student Affairs for their cultural diversity efforts, and added that the gun survey officially closes to students on Monday. Gonzalez shared that he is set to attend the Kansas Board of Regents meeting this month to discuss the turn out of the survey. He also wished the Tiger football team good luck as they play in the Mineral Water Bowl.

Chief of Staff Lauren Wiebe shared that she attended the final  Traffic Appeals Committee meeting of the semester. She also announced her resignation as Chief of Staff for the spring semester in order to pursue her degree further.

Campus Relations Director Rebecca Vincent gave out a senator spotlight to Sen. Cody Scheck for this week.

Community Relations Director Lizette Avalos attended the Scholars Hub at the beginning of this week. She also met with the Global Environment club where she helped draft a survey to go out to faculty about studying abroad.


The Appropriations Committee had four bills up for a second reading at last night’s meeting.

The Senate Affairs Committee, Student Relations and Involvement Committee, and the Legislative and Political Action Committee all did not meet this week.

Installation of New Members

No new members were installed at this meeting.

Speakers/Open Forum

During the open forum, capital changes that will be happening around campus were discussed. The following are a list renovations that are in the works for the next couple of years:

The Applied Technology parking lot, which is set to replace the North Union parking lot is scheduled to be completed by the start of the spring semester. It should add up to 80 more parking spaces. This project should cost around $1.1 million dollars.

The Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall is a $3.4 million dollar project that is set to be complete by August 2016, and will be located on Wiest grounds.

Wiest’s replacement parking lot will be located by Lewis Field Stadium, excluding the area reserved for the new themed housing. The parking lot is scheduled to be completed in October 2016.

The creek infill parking project, located west of Wiest Hall, is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2016.

The Wiest Hall replacement, along with the themed housing development will cost around $28.5 million dollars, and is set to open in August of 2017.

The new track and field facility is currently in the design process and  is scheduled to be completed in either August or September of 2016.

The new Applied Technology building is a 16.5 million dollar project that is scheduled to be completed by June of 2017.

Other campus renovations and projects are in the beginning stages of planning, and further information will be available at a later date.


The following announcement was made at last night’s meeting:

On Sunday from 5-7 PM Stripes for Hope has its last event of the semester at the Indigo Café. Students can come and build a gingerbread house with family and friends for $5. Cancer Sucks t-shirts will also be available for $10. All proceeds from the event will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.



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