Kansas Legislature passes unlicensed conceal carry, bill now moves to Governor Brownback

Wednesday, the Kansas House of Representatives approved a bill that would authorized anyone over 21 years of age to carry concealed weapons without training or a license.

The bill will now move to Governor Brownback, who is well noted for supporting gun rights within the state.

The House bill differed slightly from Senate Bill 45, but passed the House in a 85-39 vote, the Senate then adopted the House version of the bill, 31-8.

What you need to know about the bill


While the legislation allows conceal carry within the state without a permit, the system of granting permits would be retained, so registered persons could carry in states that have a reciprocal permit system in place.

The bill will not change the rights of people that are not allowed ownership of firearms.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady, a chief advocate of the legislation, referred to existing training requirements required for a permit were a waste of time.

TMN has left messages with Couture-Lovelady’s office that have yet to be returned.

The Journal also reported Rep. Louis Ruiz, a Democrat from Kansas City, said removing the training requirement would be a tragic mistake.

“We’re coming into the New West,” he reportedly said in the Journal article. “We’ll have gun fights.”


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