TMN LIVE FROM KEARNEY- road to the championship!

TMN reported live updates from the men’s and women’s games in Kearney, NB.
TMN Producers Ken Moreno and Tyler Parks on location. See archive videos here:

Tyler Parks (commentator):

The conference and three-point shooter percentages. About 38%-39%

We’re shooting 45% today. That might be up a little bit uh here’s a quick

Look we’re at time out.

Go ahead. We’re on a time out here with eleven nineteen left in the second half. Tigers need this win to maintain that number one spot in the conference,

Lopers need this just to get in to the conference tournament. They’re one of the few teams there at the bottom that haven’t solidified a spot in the tournament.

Fort Hays has solidified a Tyler Parks: First round by to Kansas City.

Again the lead is five for the Tigers, it was up a little higher earlier. Thirteen and a half.

Big rebound by Shaw, the scrappy senior.

Playin’ back at home in Nebraska.

Ooh, big rebound by Lehman, big foul.

Amarah Williams to the 45, she leads the Lopers in both points and rebounds. Averaging just under eight rebounds and just over fifteen points per game.

Leman for deep, hits a deep two.

Tigers have a good crowd here today. Again I’m Tyler Parks with Tiger Media Network signing off. We’ll bring you more updates …

Lopers from Nebraska Kearney. A seven point lead right now, um, close game it’s been a little back and forth, uh, four Tigers have scored in double digits, led by Kate Lehman who now has 26 points, uh, about ten rebounds at this point, um, Bohuslavsky’s in on that, Chelsea Mason. All of ’em. Got a time out here, get a minute eight left, score is 78-71.

78-71 in favor of the Tigers. It’s a must win here for the Tigers if they want to maintain that number one spot in the MIAA rankings and get their first ever MIAA championship. Big day for Lehman, she appears to be sick. Still having a great day.

Um yeah, seven point lead so far

Big story is all the scoring for the Tigers. Fort Hays has a lot of fans here today.

Got fans … couple sections worth of fans.

It’s coming down to it. We’ve got a minute eight left, up by seven, it’s a tight game.

See we can give you some of the action here. In-bounds to Lehman. Holds it, Lunsford.

Bohuslavsky has shown us a lot as of lately. These past five games she’s really comin’ on.

Drivin’ hard, dishin’, being that point guard you need … just like that.

Big rebound by Lehman.

Big offensive rebound.

Amarah Williams leads the team

In sh-scoring and rebounds, have fifteen points a game, eight rebounds. Bohuslavsky’s at the line here. Lookin’ to extend the lead. She pushes the lead to eight

And it’s one in one here.

Both teams with seven fouls in the bonus.

Kacperska gunna be fast and checked in here. 44 seconds left in the game.

Lehman misses her second but a huge rebound by Shaw.

Very physical, very physical rebound.

Give you the same bounce play here.

Again 43 seconds, Tigers lead.

By eight. Looks like they’re gunna milk the clock a little bit. Lopers start to foul. Again I’m Tyler Parks with my producer Cam Marino here. Nebraska Kearney

Kearney. Tigers pick up another big road win here.

Solidifying that number one spot. Two games left in the season. Funny thing about that is Tigers play Northeastern State and UCO for the final two games of the season. Kearney has the exact same schedule just in reverse. Big win tonight for Coach Hobson and his team.

Tyler Parks (commentator):

Big game for both teams. Kearney currently sits at fifth in the MIAA. Fort Hays State is sixth. Still fighting for that number four spot. Still possible to get that first round bye to Kansas City.

Tigers took the first meeting by eleven points, 88-77 earlier this season on February fifth at Gross Memorial. We’re here in Kearney for the rematch. Both teams, like I said, fifth and sixth in the MIAA, fighting for that forth spot. Lindenwood’s ahead of them. Lindenwood’s schedule’s a little easier than these two teams have. Lindenwood has two games left. Both these teams have this game and Northeastern State and UCO. Same schedule just in reverse. Hard fought battle so far. Lopers jumped out early to a 10-2 lead. Have the ball here.

Tigers came out a little sloppy early on. Another point. Seven point lead by the Lopers. 16-9 early in the first half. About halfway through the first half. Good crowd tonight, a lot of people showed up for this; including Fort Hays fans. Good cheering section there.

It is senior night here for Nebraska Kearney. Girls spoiled the Lopers senior night, picking up a ten point victory earlier. They can’t miss tonight. That pushes the lead to ten, it’s now 19-9 about halfway through the first half. Tiger’s going to have to pick it up. They just look flat. It is the ten minute intermediate time out.

Again I’m Tyler Parks for the Tiger Media Network reporting live from Kearney. We’ll bring you more updates throughout the night. I’m Tyler Parks, Tiger Media Network reporting live from Kearney Nebraska. Tough one here for the Tigers. 79-59, twenty point loss. Cut the lead down from thirty at halftime, down twenty eight. Tigers just came out flat. Kearney couldn’t miss. Shot 63% in the first half from the field. Ended the game shooting 49% which is still pretty good. Tiger’s shot 42%. They shot 50%, the Lopers, shot 50% from behind the arc. Tigers shot 20%. I mean that tells you the whole story of the game.

Tigers turned the ball over a lot. We never really got going. The Lopers jumped out to a 10-2 lead, and it was over after that. They never trailed, they lead every moment of the game after scoring the first bucket. They lead by as much as thirty four points at one point. It wasn’t the Tiger’s night. Tigers drop two, would be 9-8 in the conference. UNK jumps up to 11-6.

Kearney’s still fifth. They’ll be tied with Lindenwood for fourth, but Lindenwood has beaten them already this season. Fort Hays State was tied with two other teams at 9-7. They have the tie breaker so they’ll drop down six, seven, eight range. They’ll still be up there pretty high. Should still get a home playoff game depending on how the next two games come out.

Both these teams travel to Northeastern State and UCO next week. Thursday, Saturday, they play the opposite team. Thursday, Saturday, weird thing. Fort Hays state come out, looses by twenty. Girls win by ten. Thanks for tuning in.

I’m Tyler Parks along with my producer Ken Moreno. Thanks for tuning in again. Stay tuned for our next game on Thursday. I’m Tyler Parks, this is the Tiger Media Network.

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