Maybe Brownback is right (letter to the editor)

– Wayne Lela

***This letter to the editor does not necessarily reflect the opinions or attitudes of Fort Hays State University or the Tiger Media Network.***

Regarding Gov. Sam Brownback’s rescinding a previous governor’s order barring discrimination against homosexuals in hiring and employment throughout much of state government: Any society concerned about self-preservation and its own general well-being, in other words, any sane society, will logically discourage immoral behaviors, because immoral behaviors are by their very nature detrimental to society and/or to the people engaging in those behaviors.

Read about the executive order here

That’s why there are laws against such things like consenting-adult polygamy, consenting-adult incest, and consenting-adult prostitution. Those open about their engaging in immoral behaviors, like out-of-the-closet homosexuals, need to get a clear and strong message that they should stop doing so. (Thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. Plato, for example, opposed homosexual activity.)

Businesses and governmental bodies should not be forced to hire or cater to such people. Indeed, they should tell heterophobic homosexuals that they need to clean up their acts before they will be hired. (And our Supreme Court should do the right thing and tell homosexuals that if there truly was a constitutional right to homosexual “marriage” we would have seen such “marriages” 200 years ago. Our constitution clearly does not come close to protecting sexually aberrant relationships.) Penalizing people for immoral and/or illegal behavior is obviously not true or real discrimination.

It is simply the right and rational thing to do. Hopefully politicians in other states will take a cue from Gov. Brownback’s action.

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