Unusually Large Earthquake felt throughout Kansas and Surrounding States

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake centered 8 miles south of Conway Springs, Kansas was felt around the Fort Hays State University Campus, as well as around the rest of the state and surrounding states on Wednesday afternoon.

People around the FHSU Campus reported slight shaking around at 3:45  p.m. today as the tremors of an unusually large earthquake traveled across Kansas and surround states. Both students and staff at FHSU took to social media to talk about the quake throughout the afternoon.

“Woke up to my bed shaking and my tv fall over…earthquake?!,” said a Yik Yak user. Several posts were put on Yik Yak and Twitter by people around FHSU, and they weren’t the only ones doing so.

Reports of people feeling the quake were received by the United States Geological Survey from Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Missouri. The quake was felt 788 miles south of the epicenter in Irving, Texas from the epicenter, and 754 miles north in Omaha, Nebraska.

The  4.8 earthquake was reported by the USGS just a few points shy on the richter scale of the biggest reported earthquake in Kansas history, which was a 5.1 quake in Manhattan, Kansas in 1867.

If you felt the quake report it to the USGS on their site through the following link:  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000swru#dyfi_form


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