American Democracy Project hosting election watch party

The American Democracy Project is hosting an election watch party Tuesday at 7:30 to 10 p.m. in Cody Commons, located in the lower level in the Memorial Union.

At the event pizza and beverages will be provided, along with activities and a discussion about the elections.

For more information about the event please contact Morgan Lawrence or Vivian Agnew at (785) 628-5399 or email at

List of Candidates


Sam Brownback (R)

Paul Davis (D)

U.S. Senate:

Pat Roberts (R)

Greg Orman (Independant)

1st Congressional District:

Tim Huelskamp (R)

James Sherow (D)

111th State District seat in the State House of Representatives:

Sue Boldra (R)

James Leiker (D)

Kansas Secretary of State:

Kris Kobach (R)

Jean Schodorf (D)

Kansas Attorney General:

A.J. Kotich (D)

Derek Schmidt (R)

Commissioner of Insurance:

Ken Selzer (R)

Dennis Anderson (D)

State Treasurer:

Carmen Alldrit (D)

Ron Estes (R)

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