Student Government Association swears in new vice president

Last Thursday the Student Government Association met for their weekly meeting in the Black and Gold room in the Memorial Union. During the meeting senator Ulises Gonzalez was sworn into the vice president position.

“Choosing to apply for the position of vice president was not one that I took lightly,” Gonzalez said. “Many conversations with fellow senators and members of our campus and community weighed heavily in the thought process. After all the cards were on the table, I realized that what FHSU needs is a Vice President who is ready to step up to the challenge of re-grouping and creating our own legacy, but most importantly cares about the well being of the students not just this year but for years to come.”

Since August, Eris Wilson had been serving as interim vice president due to Arin Powers stepping up from the vice president position and getting sworn in as president. Because Wilson had been serving as interim, it was unclear as to why he decided not to take on the vice president position.

“Interim Wilson and I had a very in-depth conversation on what was indeed in his best interest at our university with graduation, nailing down a job, and preparing for the Certified Public Accountant Exam,” Powers said. “Interim Wilson actually removed his name from the selection pool on his own accord in order to focus on that key part of what we are, students. I know that I speak for not only myself but also the entire executive staff and senate when I say how grateful I am for the leadership and time that Eris Wilson has given us during his time as interim vice president.”

This is the first time the Student Government was faced with a problem of electing a vice president due to the previous vice president taking over office of the presidency.

“This year we were faced with the unique situation of there not being any real guidelines as far as line of succession goes,” Powers said. “The way it is written, the Student Government vice president could be, due to the circumstances, simply appointed by myself without really any other input. However, I want the interworking’s of Student Government to be not only transparent, but also involve the voice of as many as possible to ensure the best decision is come to pertaining all matters.”

Applications were then made and anyone could apply for the Vice-President job through Job-X. After applications were viewed, an interview process began where interviews were conducted by President Powers, and administration. After the decision was made, the chosen name for vice president was brought forth in a bill for the Senate to vote on.

“I have no doubt that what Ulises will bring to Student Government will be not only unique ideas, but a positive team spirit, and a genuine compassion for hearing the students out and then letting those voices be heard,” said Powers.

SGA meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Black and Gold room in the upper level in the Memorial Union.

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