SGA Update 10/9/2014

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Old Business

Bill No. 14/F/103 regarding a request made and was passed.
Bill No. 14/F/105 was also passed. This bill made Rebecca Vincent and Aiyana Smith SGA senators.

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New Business

Tonight was the first reading of Bill No. 14/F/107 from the Appropriation Committee regarding a $1,000 funding request from the Pre-Dental Club and Bill No. 14/F/108 from the Senate Affairs Committee recommending Andrew Lipker be made an SGA senator.





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Arin Powers, president, went with Campus Relations Director Gustavo Reyes to speak to several freshman seminar classes about the importance of registering to vote.
Eris Wilson, interim vice president, announced Ulises Gonzalez as the Student Senator of the Month.
Brandon Taylor, treasurer, worked on voter registration this week.
Anna Hand, chief of staff, worked on voter registration this week. She also spoke with Congressional candidates and is working on getting to host a candidate forum at Fort Hays State University, which would be the only one.
Gustavo Reyes, campus relations director, went with Powers to speak to several freshman seminar classes about the importance of registering to vote.
Sierra Archer, administrative assistant.
Stephany Gress, legislative affairs director, announced that the Safety Walk will be held on Oct. 23.
Lizette Avalos, community relations director, worked on updating the SGA social media sites this week. She announced that SGA minutes and YouTube videos will now be available on the SGA website.

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Senator Morgan Lawrence, head of Senate Affairs Committee, swore in Brittany Ballou.
Senator Ulises Gonzalez stated that the Student Affairs Committee did not meet this week.
Senator Sam Devore stated that the Legislative and Political Action Committee did not meet this week.
Senator Sarah Wager stated that the Community Relations and Programming Committee did not meet this week.



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Speakers/Open Forum

Guest speakers Bob Duffy, Coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network in the Kelly Center, and Chief Ed Howl from the campus police department both spoke on the topic of responsible drinking. They warned that more alcohol will be sold in Hays this weekend than any other weekend of the year due to Oktoberfest, which also means that police enforcement will be more active.
They advocated Safe Ride, a program available to students that will give them a free ride, no questions asked. The phone number for Safe Ride is 785-621-2580. They also recommended BMB Taxi Service and Convenience Cab, two taxi services in Hays.
Howl warned against public urination (offenders are arrested and their name goes in the paper), open container ($250 fine and driver’s license can be suspended), hosting (if someone’s hosting a party and there are underage drinkers in attendance, that person will be fined $1,070 for each minor there), DUI ($1,300 fine, suspended driver’s license), and several other alcohol-related crimes. The fines get bigger and the punishment gets more severe with each repeat offense and after the third conviction it becomes a felony.
Both Duffy and Howl asked that students be safe, make smart choices, and drink responsibly.
President Powers asked her fellow SGA members to review the rules and guidelines they agreed to when they became SGA members and to make good choices.

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Senator Morgan Lawrence announced that the American Democracy Project will be hosting a Times Talk October 15 at 12 to 1 p.m.. Dr. Joseph Romance will be speaking about the upcoming elections.
Chief of Staff Anna Hand announced that Congressional Candidate Paul Davis will have a rally in Frontier Park immediately following Saturday’s parade.
President Arin Powers announced that Bob Dole and his family will be attending the Hammond Hall dedication. The event will be held this Saturday at 10:30 a.m.




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College of Arts and Sciences

Molly Morgan – No

Vivian Agnew – Yes

Tammy Nguyen – Yes

Alyssa Brecheisen – Yes

Evan Shanelec – Yes

Ashley Templeton – Yes

Sam Devore – Yes

Yeong Su Han – Yes

Kaitlyn Emerson – No

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College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Ulises Gonzalez – Yes

Morgan Lawerence – Yes

Stephen Foster – Yes

Tory Arnberger – Yes


College of Education and Technology

Nick Goodman – Yes

Issac Ortega – Yes

Brittany Ballou – Yes


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College of Health and Life Sciences

Lauren Medved – Yes

Sarah Wagner – Yes


General Studies, Liberal Studies, and Undeclared Majors

Victoria Kist – Yes

Tayler Kriss – Yes

Tuan Le – Yes

Jacob Tayler – Yes

Tandra Johnson – Yes


Freshmen / Kansas Academy of Math and Science



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