National Right to Life endorses Governor Brownback

-Press Release

National Right to Life endorsed Governor Sam Brownback in his gubernatorial re-election bid.

David N. O’Steen, executive director of the National Right to Life Committee, said the endorsement reflects the Governor’s “commitment to strengthening a culture of life.”

He accentuated Brownback’s pro-life record by comparing it with Rep. Paul Davis.

“Your positions on life issues differ sharply from the extreme, pro-abortion positions of your opponent, Paul Davis, who supports a policy of abortion on demand for any reason,” O’Steen said. “You support legal protection for unborn children.”

O’Steen concluded by calling the electorate to action.

“All voters who are concerned with the right to life should vote to re-elect you as governor, so that you can continue to work to advance vital pro-life public policies,” O’Steen said.

Brownback thanked the federation of state right-to-life organizations for their endorsement.

“I’m honored to have the support of National Right to Life,” Brownback said. “In my second term as governor, I will continue to defend all Kansans at all stages of life.”

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