I Just Charged My Phone – How Is It Dead Already?

Is your iPhone 5 constantly telling you this?

iPhone 5 users might be eligible to receive a new battery for free after the company announced that a “very small percentage” of devices sold between September 2012 and January 2013 have the tendency to lose charge quickly.

If your iPhone seems to be experiencing these battery issues, you are asked to use the serial number checker on the Apple website to see if your device is eligible.

After typing in your serial number, the checker will say that you are either eligible or ineligible for the program. If you are eligible, you have several options.

You can visit your nearest Apple authorized service provider, Apple retail store, or contact Apple technical support to begin the process of receiving your free battery.

If your iPhone has sustained damage, such as a broken screen, you will be asked to pay a fee, as damages like these can make it difficult to replace the battery.

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