Student body elects Roberts and Tevault

By: Austin Koeller

Student Government Association election results rendered Sophomore Chris Roberts and junior Reed Tevault winners of the SGA election for president and vice-president in 2013-14. When the results were announced, Roberts and Tevault received about 500 student votes, accounting for 86 percent of the votes.

When his name was announced, Roberts said that he was in a “state of euphoria” due to the hard work that he and Tevault put into their campaign.

“Right now, its a combination of shock, awe, happiness and just appreciation,” Tevault said.

Both Roberts and Tevault agreed that students played a huge part in the success of their campaign.

“None of this would have been possible without them,” Roberts said.

Roberts added that social media, fliers and banners across campus also helped him in winning the election.

Tevault said that once the results were announced, he began immediately thanking his supporters.

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